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poly rope
I started this community a few months ago when my boyfriend's wife had a relapse in her cancer. I never posted because I didn't know what to say. I still don't. But I really wish I knew people who are dealing with stuff like this in a poly context.

It's so hard to describe my relationship with her. When I tell people about my "friend" being ill, it doesn't communicate the intense pain and fear of losing someone who I intend to build a life with. But she isn't like a lover either. A precious few know the whole story, but it's not simple. It's not something that I can say to a professor or anyone I don't know well. Even most people that I do know well won't get it.

I mean I'm worried about the wife of my boyfriend. People just don't get it. They think I'm trying to steal the husband of a woman who is suffering from cancer. That is horrible. The poly community gets it, and that's why I think this community is necessary.
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